Do You Need a Will? Considerations For All Adults

Preparing a will is one of the most beneficial things you can do to keep your affairs in order and ensure that your assets are handled the way you desire. However, a recent study found that 67% of Americans have no estate plan intact. As a general rule, any adult should have a will. This applies even if you don't...[ read more ]

How to Cope With Regret and Move Forward

Despite the cliched platitudes about living life with no regrets, reality proves to be much different. It's estimated that we make at least 35,000 decisions a day- with so many options available, regret is unavoidable. The good news is that regret isn't a bad or negative feeling. It's a natural reaction everyone experiences. While regret feels uncomfortable, you can learn...[ read more ]

Elderly Depression: What Might Look Different or Unexpected

Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions worldwide, and it affects people of all ages and demographics. If you experienced depression in the past, you may be more likely to experience depression in older age. That said, older adults don't recognize their emotional or physical complaints as a sign of a mental health condition. Elderly Depression: Statistics...[ read more ]

Age Shame: Why It Cuts So Deep and How to Cope

The aging process is inevitable, but knowing that doesn't automatically make aging easier. Both men and women can struggle with getting older. While we've made some societal efforts to reduce ageist stereotypes, we still have a very long way to go, and this form of discrimination still runs rampant. As you transition from middle age to older age, it's important...[ read more ]

6 Signs Caregivers Should Consider Seeking Therapy

Research shows that nearly a quarter of adults aged 45-64 provided immediate assistance or care to a loved one in the past month. Over one-third of caregivers devoted at least 20 hours a week to caregiving. Caregiving can be rewarding and meaningful, especially if you're tending to a close friend or family member. When you're in charge, you can ensure...[ read more ]

Is It Depression or a Midlife Crisis: Similarities & Differences

Sometimes people think they're experiencing a midlife crisis when they're actually having a depressive episode. Similarly, people may believe they're clinically depressed when they're having a normal reaction to the stressors that often come with being middle-aged. It's also possible for depression and midlife crises to overlap, and symptoms of one experience can exacerbate symptoms of another. Understanding Common Midlife...[ read more ]

9 Tips That Can Help You Cope With Existential Anxiety

Existential anxiety refers to experiencing a sense of unease or dread about life, the universe, and the role you play in existence. It often entails asking tough questions about mortality, the meaning of life, and the values we embody. Unchecked existential anxiety can significantly affect your quality of life, and it may turn into nihilism, which is the belief that...[ read more ]

How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Finances

A recent study found that 73% of Americans haven't had a comprehensive financial talk with their aging parent. If you haven't had a money discussion, you're certainly not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money in general. The idea of talking about finances with your aging parents may feel awkward, intimidating, or downright unpleasant. However, as your parents get...[ read more ]

Midlife Anxiety: Why It’s Happening and How to Cope

While everyone gets worried from time to time, anxiety symptoms can increase during middle age, and they can be difficult to manage. Anxiety often results in a combination of emotional and physical symptoms that can trigger feelings of restlessness and dread. While anxiety itself is not curable, there are steps you can take to regulate your emotions and manage your...[ read more ]

How Loved Ones Can Prepare for Hospice Care

Logistically and emotionally preparing for hospice care can be challenging for everyone involved. Planning ahead can make this difficult time feel somewhat smoother. It can also ensure that your loved one's wishes are respectfully honored. If end-of-life care is imminent, here are some of the best steps you can take. Learn About Hospice Care Hospice care emphasizes comfort and safety...[ read more ]

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