8 Steps for Managing Retirement Depression

Research suggests that approximately one-third of retirees experience depression symptoms after retirement. Unfortunately, many people aren't adequately prepared to manage their mental health after quitting the workforce. While your priorities may change in retirement, your life satisfaction matters. If you're struggling with depression after retirement, here are some tips to keep in mind. Signs of Clinical Depression After Retirement Depression...[ read more ]

Essential Reminders When Your Spouse Has Chronic Pain

It's estimated that chronic pain impacts anywhere between 18-35% of all Americans. But when we talk about chronic pain, we often focus on its impact on one's physical health, daily functioning, job performance, and individual satisfaction. However, there aren't many conversations about how this phenomenon affects loved ones. Living with a spouse that has chronic pain can be emotionally complex....[ read more ]

Can a Friendship Recover From Betrayal?

It's no secret that friendships are essential for our physical and mental health. High-quality friendships are associated with numerous benefits, from reduced stress to a deeper sense of purpose to longer lifespans. Both old and new friendships are With that, the experience of friendship betrayal can be incredibly hurtful. If you've experienced a friend's betrayal, you know just how sad,...[ read more ]

How to Have the End-of-Life Talk With Your Adult Children

For all the many discussions you've ever had with your children, your own mortality probably hasn't been a conversation topic. That's understandable. Talking about death often feels morbid and scary, both for the parent and the adult child alike. We also live in a society that generally shuns the concepts of aging, loss, and grief. But talking about end-of-life issues...[ read more ]

Why a New Year’s Intention May Be Better Than a Resolution

You've probably heard that new year's resolutions overwhelmingly don't work. In fact, research shows that 91% of Americans won't achieve their goals. To be exact, most people quit on January 19, the infamous day coined as Quitter's Day. But that doesn't mean you should abandon your efforts to set goals for self-improvement and happiness. New Year's Intentions vs Resolutions: What's...[ read more ]

How to Prevent a Retirement Identity Crisis

What do you do for work? It's the icebreaker question of all questions. After all, we spend most of our working years focused on our careers and building a life that works within the confines of employment. In contrast, the prospect of retirement often feels tantalizing. You might expect this time to feel meaningful and fulfilling. Retirement planning may even...[ read more ]

34 Tips on What to Say and Do When Someone Loses a Parent

You just received the phone call or saw the Facebook post. Your friend's dad or mom passed. They're sharing the news with close friends, and you're in that circle. How do you feel right now? Scared? Uncertain? Sad? Uncomfortable? These are all normal emotions that emerge when standing next to grief. Unfortunately, even best friends sometimes avoid talking about this...[ read more ]

12 Tips for Coping With Holiday Grief This Season

It's cited as the most wonderful time of the year, but grief can have a gripping and devastating effect on the winter months. As we move into the holiday season, grief often feels more intense. The memories of your loved one may seem more pronounced, and the accompanying sadness or fear may feel unbearable. Whether it's your first or tenth...[ read more ]

Toxic Shame: Causes, Signs, and What to Do

Shame is that warm feeling that washes over us, making us feel small, flawed, and never good enough- Brene Brown We all feel shame from time to time. It's a natural human response to making mistakes or hurting the people we love. Healthy shame can motivate us to be better people and think more consciously in the future. But toxic...[ read more ]

10 Strategies to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Starting Tonight

You know that feeling. You're groggy and dragging through the day. You're exhausted, but when bedtime rolls around, you're wide awake. And so, you toss and turn, desperate for restful sleep, only to have another frustrating night. Sound familiar? A good night's sleep isn't just a nice luxury. It's paramount for your physical and mental health. That said, 50-70 million...[ read more ]

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