Understanding Why You May Feel Relieved After a Painful Loss

Of all the emotions you might experience after a loss, feeling relieved when someone dies may be one of the most unsettling. We generally associate grief with sadness, guilt, and fear. There's a sense of longing for what you had, and you might feel as if life will never return to normal. But for all that's said about those complex...[ read more ]

Does Grieving End? What If Your Grief Gets Worse?

Every relationship you have in this world is entirely unique and irreplaceable. Therefore, each grieving process also represents a one-of-a-kind experience. How you cope with loss depends on so many conditions, and the way you manage grief can change throughout your lifespan. It's a misconception that grief naturally gets better in a chronological fashion. Few processes in life are ever...[ read more ]

How to Cope When Your Depression Feels Like It’s Getting Worse

People living with depression know the difference between the easy days and the hard days. On those easier days, the symptoms may feel far more manageable. You may notice yourself experiencing moments of joy or happiness, and you might feel confident with yourself. But the hard days can be extremely hard. And when those days start accumulating, you might be...[ read more ]

Understanding The Hidden Costs of Being ‘The Strong One’

You've always been known for your resilience. When others need emotional support, you're there carrying all the weight of their problems. At times, it seems like you have a strength that other human beings lack. And when chaos arises, you're able to remain calm and collected. Being the strong one has its benefits. It's rooted in basic survival. In order...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness (Even With a Very Full Schedule)

Mindfulness is associated with numerous benefits, from decreased stress to improved self-esteem to better mental and physical health. People who cultivate mindfulness also tend to have more gratitude in daily life, regardless of their external circumstances. It's easy to dismiss mindfulness and assume you're too busy for it. But learning to live in the present moment is truly a moment-by-moment...[ read more ]

Subtle Signs That Anxiety Is Affecting You More Than You Realize

Sometimes anxiety symptoms like racing thoughts, chest pain, or panic attacks are incredibly apparent. You know that you're feeling nervous, and maybe other people can sense it, too. And if you've ever been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you might be able to identify the emotional and physical symptoms indicating you're struggling. But anxiety can also be subtle and covert....[ read more ]

How to Live Well With Chronic Illness

Approximately 60% of Americans live with at least one chronic disease, such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Living with chronic illness can feel challenging for many reasons, and you may struggle emotionally, physically, or financially. While chronic illnesses may be difficult, having the right mindset, appropriate support, and healthy coping skills can make all the difference. Here are some...[ read more ]

Steps to Take After a Cancer Diagnosis

There's no easy or straightforward way to cope with a cancer diagnosis. But knowing what to expect and being prepared for how to take care of yourself can make this challenging time feel a bit easier. If you've just received your diagnosis, you may feel any combination of fear, sadness, or shock. There's a lot of information to review, and...[ read more ]

Why Grief Therapy Can Be Helpful Even Years After a Loss

Grief therapy refers to a specific kind of therapy intended to help you cope with a loss. While grief symptoms are not inherently problematic (they are an essential part of being human), they can certainly feel heavy and overwhelming. Sometimes, people don't know how to manage their grief- or it feels larger than life- which can perpetuate a deeper level...[ read more ]

How to Release Perfectionism in Middle Age

We all know that perfectionism is the enemy of good, and yet so many people struggle with the desire to overachieve, perform well, and have everything under control. There's nothing wrong with striving for excellence or having goals. Perfectionist behavior, however, makes it difficult to rest and enjoy the present moment. It also can impact relationships, self-esteem, and overall emotional...[ read more ]

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