8 Signs Your Aging Parent Likely Needs More Support

You love your aging parent, and you're concerned about their well-being. Over the past few months or years, you've started noticing some problematic changes. Maybe they seem more forgetful or disheveled or erratic in their behavior. Perhaps, at the same time, you're not sure if these changes are developmentally appropriate- or if they signify a serious problem. Here are some...[ read more ]

How Loved Ones Can Prepare for End-Of-Life Care

It is often extremely painful for loved ones in the final weeks or days of life. They don't know what to expect, what to do, or how to talk about their feelings with others. While you can't fully prepare for end-of-life care, you can empower yourself by learning some common experiences people face. Here's what you need to know. Plan...[ read more ]

5 Steps to Help You Emotionally Prepare for Retirement 

The time has finally come. Whether you've been counting down the days- or it all sort of sprung on you- you're getting closer to retirement. It can feel exciting, scary, and confusing all at the same time. Before your last day of work, you owe it to yourself to properly prepare for retirement. Being mindful of the good, bad, and...[ read more ]

Medical Trauma: How to Cope When Treatment Hurt You

Do you feel traumatized after a particularly dreadful medical event? Do you feel like a doctor or other medical professional discriminated against you? Does it ever feel like people aren't taking your medical concerns seriously? If so, you may have symptoms of medical trauma. At first, this notion may seem somewhat odd. After all, most people consider healthcare professionals compassionate,...[ read more ]

How to Cope With an Unhappy Marriage When You Can’t Leave

Research shows that nearly 20% of Americans indicate feeling unhappy in their marriages. That said, living in an unhappy marriage can feel both depressing and defeating. For example, you may relate to experiencing immense resentment, sadness, and loneliness. You might also find yourself feeling jealous or bitter when comparing your relationship to other couples. Sometimes, it's possible to leave the...[ read more ]

Death Anxiety Is Real: Here’s How to Cope if You’re Struggling

Most people feel nervous about the topics of death and dying. After all, these can be uncomfortable, taboo subjects, and thinking about them can trigger intense feelings of worry, sadness, or even confusion. But death anxiety (known as thanatophobia) refers to specific anxiety about death. This type of anxiety extends beyond general worries, making it difficult to function in daily...[ read more ]

How Grief Therapy Can Help You Cope With Loss 

Although loss happens to everyone, experiencing it can still feel overwhelmingly painful, confusing, and devastating. You may feel torn about what to do next. You might also worry about burdening others with your emotions. We all manage grief differently, but navigating this process alone often feels lonely. Some people try to avoid their feelings, but doing so often only perpetuates...[ read more ]

Are You More Likely to Experience Anxiety in Middle Age? 

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. However, the type, intensity, and frequency of your anxiety may change as you get older. Anxiety disorders affect just over 18% of the population in a given year. Unfortunately, only about a third of those individuals receive the professional support they need. Anxiety in middle age can be distressing, but it is treatable....[ read more ]

5 Things to Consider if You Want to Return to Work After Retirement

Retirement can mean long vacations, more time with grandchildren, and pursuing new hobbies and passions. But in some cases, it can also mean going back to work. Research shows that nearly 40% of previously-retired employees rejoin the workforce at some point. Furthermore, roughly half of retirees indicate that they would return to work if the right opportunity arose. That said,...[ read more ]

What You Need to Know Before Reconnecting With Old Friends

Are you considering reaching out to a former friend? Maybe you stumbled across their social media and feel a pang of sadness for your old connection. Perhaps a certain song or memory triggered a happy thought associated with them. Even though we may feel incredibly close to certain people, life can get in the way. Career changes, relocation, and having...[ read more ]

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