How to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Finances

A recent study found that 73% of Americans haven't had a comprehensive financial talk with their aging parent. If you haven't had a money discussion, you're certainly not alone. Many people feel uncomfortable talking about money in general. The idea of talking about finances with your aging parents may feel awkward, intimidating, or downright unpleasant. However, as your parents get...[ read more ]

How to Stop Being A People-Pleaser (While Still Being Kind)

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be generous with your time and resources. But healthy relationships entail a mutual sense of take-and-give. If you feel like you're always neglecting your needs or sacrificing what you want to satisfy others, you may be struggling with people-pleasing tendencies. If this resonates with you, it's important to consider making small changes to...[ read more ]

What Does Self-Forgiveness Actually Look Like?

Knowing how to forgive yourself can be one of the greatest gifts you offer yourself in this lifetime. However, it's much easier said than done, especially if you struggle with your self-esteem or feel toxic shame over your past mistakes. The good news is that you can learn to strengthen your self-forgiveness skills. The more you commit to practicing kindness...[ read more ]

Midlife Anxiety: Why It’s Happening and How to Cope

While everyone gets worried from time to time, anxiety symptoms can increase during middle age, and they can be difficult to manage. Anxiety often results in a combination of emotional and physical symptoms that can trigger feelings of restlessness and dread. While anxiety itself is not curable, there are steps you can take to regulate your emotions and manage your...[ read more ]

7 Reasons to Try a Grief Support Group

Grief support groups are often recommended for people grieving recent or past losses. These groups offer compassionate spaces to share your feelings with other like-minded individuals. Every group dynamic is inherently unique. If you're struggling with feeling lost or alone, group support can help. Connect With Other Grieving People Although grief is a universal experience, many people feel isolated and...[ read more ]

When Your Ex-Spouse Dies: How to Process Your Grief

The death of an ex-spouse can be a complex experience. Your feelings might confuse you, and they rarely seem as straightforward or obvious as they would be if you two had still been married. It's important to know that divorce doesn't necessarily eradicate the grieving process. Even if you parted ways long ago, it's normal to feel sad, confused, and...[ read more ]

Is Old Trauma Affecting You More Than You Realize?

Traumatic events can fundamentally impact how safe you feel in the world. When you endure a trauma, both your body and mind store what happened. Even if you feel like you've moved on, your past may have more of a hold over you than you realize, and this can affect you in both insidious and profound ways. Here are some...[ read more ]

6 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of an Unhealthy Friendship

When you know that a friendship is unhealthy, you're faced with a few choices. You can try to set boundaries and change the dynamic. You can focus on accepting your friend and practice more gratitude for what they add to your life. But in some cases, a friendship may feel so unhealthy or toxic that it's no longer serving you....[ read more ]

How Loved Ones Can Prepare for Hospice Care

Logistically and emotionally preparing for hospice care can be challenging for everyone involved. Planning ahead can make this difficult time feel somewhat smoother. It can also ensure that your loved one's wishes are respectfully honored. If end-of-life care is imminent, here are some of the best steps you can take. Learn About Hospice Care Hospice care emphasizes comfort and safety...[ read more ]

7 Ways Therapy Can Help You if You’ve Been Diagnosed With Cancer

You've been told you have cancer. You're probably feeling some combination of anxiety, sadness, anger, and grief. You're overwhelmed with what to do next. Maybe you're Googling symptoms and treatments and trying to stay calm. Or maybe you're worried that this means the end of your life. There's no doubt that a cancer diagnosis can be one of the most...[ read more ]

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