How to Build Emotional Resilience Through Vulnerability

Resilience is one of the most admirable traits a person can have. Resilience is associated with flexibility, grit, and toughness. People who exude resilience can handle the ups and downs of life and manage their stress effectively. It may, therefore, seem paradoxical that resilience often starts with vulnerability, the state of deliberately opening yourself up to harm and threat. If...[ read more ]

5 Ways to Practice Mindfulness (Even With a Very Full Schedule)

Mindfulness is associated with numerous benefits, from decreased stress to improved self-esteem to better mental and physical health. People who cultivate mindfulness also tend to have more gratitude in daily life, regardless of their external circumstances. It's easy to dismiss mindfulness and assume you're too busy for it. But learning to live in the present moment is truly a moment-by-moment...[ read more ]

10 Strategies to Improve Your Sleep Hygiene Starting Tonight

You know that feeling. You're groggy and dragging through the day. You're exhausted, but when bedtime rolls around, you're wide awake. And so, you toss and turn, desperate for restful sleep, only to have another frustrating night. Sound familiar? A good night's sleep isn't just a nice luxury. It's paramount for your physical and mental health. That said, 50-70 million...[ read more ]

7 Immediate Steps You Can Take If You’re Having a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are undoubtedly frightening, particularly if you didn't know what they were when you first experienced them. The symptoms are physically and emotionally exhaustive, and your mental health can take a toll. But you can learn how to cope with panic attacks and relieve symptoms in real time. Here's what you need to know. Understanding Panic Attack Symptoms Panic...[ read more ]

Medical Trauma: How to Cope When Treatment Hurt You

Do you feel traumatized after a particularly dreadful medical event? Do you feel like a doctor or other medical professional discriminated against you? Does it ever feel like people aren't taking your medical concerns seriously? If so, you may have symptoms of medical trauma. At first, this notion may seem somewhat odd. After all, most people consider healthcare professionals compassionate,...[ read more ]

How Do You Cope With a Concerning Medical Diagnosis?

Maybe you have had the dreadful suspicion that something has been wrong for a while. Or, perhaps, you went in for a routine physical, and the doctor found a suspicious lump that you didn't even know was there. Regardless of the circumstances, receiving scary medical news isn't easy. It's reasonable to feel afraid, angry, or confused. It's also normal to...[ read more ]

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