How to Stop Being A People-Pleaser (While Still Being Kind)

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be generous with your time and resources. But healthy relationships entail a mutual sense of take-and-give. If you feel like you're always neglecting your needs or sacrificing what you want to satisfy others, you may be struggling with people-pleasing tendencies. If this resonates with you, it's important to consider making small changes to...[ read more ]

6 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of an Unhealthy Friendship

When you know that a friendship is unhealthy, you're faced with a few choices. You can try to set boundaries and change the dynamic. You can focus on accepting your friend and practice more gratitude for what they add to your life. But in some cases, a friendship may feel so unhealthy or toxic that it's no longer serving you....[ read more ]

Can a Friendship Recover From Betrayal?

It's no secret that friendships are essential for our physical and mental health. High-quality friendships are associated with numerous benefits, from reduced stress to a deeper sense of purpose to longer lifespans. Both old and new friendships are With that, the experience of friendship betrayal can be incredibly hurtful. If you've experienced a friend's betrayal, you know just how sad,...[ read more ]

16 Signs of Toxic Friends You Need to Know

Friendship is paramount for your mental health, but not all friendships are created equally. While a healthy friend lifts your spirits and helps you enjoy life, a toxic friend often does the exact opposite. Spending time with them often feels frustrating, unproductive, or downright exhausting. 16 Signs of Toxic Friends Maybe you sense that a certain friend isn't good for...[ read more ]

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