How to Manage Caregiving With Your Siblings

How to Manage Caregiving an Aging Parent With Your Siblings Being a caregiver for your parents is already challenging and complex. Adding siblings to the mix can make things feel even more difficult. While siblings may offer support and camaraderie during a vulnerable time, certain personality differences can exacerbate stress. This is especially true if tension already exists within your...[ read more ]

How You Can Still Practice Self-Care With No Free TimeĀ 

The concept of self-care has exploded in popularity in recent years, and for a good reason. Self-care is associated with numerous physical and emotional health benefits. In addition, people who take care of themselves regularly tend to be more confident, happier, and satisfied with their overall quality of life. But how do you practice self-care with no free time or...[ read more ]

6 Considerations Women Should Know When Caregiving for a Spouse

Although the gap is narrowing, women make up the bulk of caregiving. Recent studies show that anywhere from 60-65% of caregivers are female, and this number skews highest as women get older. Caregiving can be stressful, frightening, and taxing for you and your loved ones. But, as a woman, you also face certain obstacles in this task. Here are some...[ read more ]

6 Considerations Men Should Know When Caregiving for a Spouse

Caregiving for a spouse can be undoubtedly challenging, frightening, and lonely. Research shows that spouses consist of 12% of all caregivers, but their role tends to have some of the highest stress rates. If you are a male caregiver, it's important to balance taking care of your partner while also taking care of yourself. Here are some essential considerations to...[ read more ]

Why Caregiver Burnout Happens and How You Can Take Care Of Yourself

Burnout refers to a persistent state of physical, emotional, or psychological exhaustion. Burnout can happen in any role at any time, and it can affect every area of functioning. If left untreated, it can seriously compromise your quality of life. Caregiver burnout, in particular, can present numerous challenges. As a caregiver, you may oscillate between feeling tired, worried, upset, or...[ read more ]

Understanding the Difficulties of Caregiver Loneliness

Research shows that approximately 40 million caregivers in the US provide support and direct assistance to adults with a disability or illness. Caregiving can be tedious and complex, and it often requires emotional, physical, and financial considerations. Caregiver loneliness is a particularly concerning problem, as many caregivers struggle with feeling underappreciated, isolated, or afraid in their roles. And even though...[ read more ]

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